Free VTT to PDF


convert your VTT (WebVTT) files into PDF documents.
Convert VTT (WebVTT) files to PDF format effortlessly with our online tool. Upload your VTT file, preview it, and download the PDF instantly. Simple and convenient!

Step-by-Step User Guide

Step 1: Select VTT File
Click the "Select a VTT file to convert" button to choose a VTT file from your device.

In the file dialog that appears, navigate to the location of your VTT file, select it, and click "Open".

Step 2: Review Selection
Once the file is selected, you will see the name of the chosen file displayed below the button.
This confirms that your file has been successfully selected.
Step 3: Convert to PDF
After selecting the file, click the "Convert to PDF" button to initiate the conversion process.
If your VTT file contains text content, it will be converted into a PDF document.
Step 4: Download PDF
Once the conversion is complete, the PDF file will be generated.
The PDF will automatically download to your device.
Navigate to the download location and open the PDF to view the converted content.
Additional Information:
If you prefer, you can manually enter your content into the text area provided instead of uploading a file.
The converter supports the WebVTT format (.vtt) for conversion.