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What Does This PDF to PNG Tool Do?

  1. File Upload: Users can upload a PDF file using the file input element.
  2. Display PDF Pages: The uploaded PDF file is processed, and its pages are displayed in separate canvases.
  3. Rotate Pages: Each page can be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise using a button.
  4. Download Pages as PNG: Each page can be downloaded as a PNG image using a button.
PDF Viewer

PDF to PNG Free Converter

how to use it:

Open the Web Page: Navigate to the I love pdf 3 where this tool is hosted using your web browser.

Upload a PDF:

Click the "Choose File" button to open a file selector dialog.
Select the PDF file you want to upload (make sure it is a valid PDF file).
The PDF file's pages will be displayed on the web page, each within its own canvas element.
Rotate a Page:

Below each page, there is a "Rotate" button with an undo icon (a circular arrow).
Click this button to rotate the corresponding page 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Download a Page as PNG:

Below each page, there is a "Download" button with a download icon.
Click this button to download the corresponding page as a PNG image.

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