PDF to JSON Converter Free

PDF to JSON Converter Free/Convert PDF to JSON

How to Use the PDF to JSON Converter Tool
1. Select Your PDF File
Choose a PDF File:

Click on the "Select a PDF file" button.
A file selection window will open.
Upload Your PDF:

Navigate to where your PDF file is saved on your computer.
Select the PDF file and click "Open" to upload it to the tool.
2. Convert PDF to JSON
Start Conversion:
Once the PDF file is uploaded, click the "Convert to JSON" button below.
The tool will start converting each page of the PDF into JSON format.
3. Download the Converted JSON File
Download JSON File:
After conversion completes, your browser may prompt you to save the converted JSON file.
The file will be named "converted.json" by default.
If no download prompt appears, check your browser's download folder.
Tips for Using the Tool
Handling Large PDFs:

Larger PDF files may take longer to convert.
Be patient while the tool processes each page to ensure accurate JSON conversion.
Reviewing the JSON Output:

Open the downloaded "converted.json" file using a text editor or JSON viewer to review the structured content extracted from the PDF.

If you encounter issues, ensure your PDF file is correctly formatted and not corrupted.
Try re-uploading the PDF file and starting the conversion process again.