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Image to Favicon – 图像到网站图标 – Изображение на фавиконке

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Image to Favicon - 图像到网站图标 - Изображение на фавиконке By i love pdf 3

How to use it :

Use the Favicon Generator:

You will see an interface with options to upload an image, select size, and shape.
Follow these steps:
Upload Image: Click on the Choose File button and select the image file you want to use for the favicon.
Select Size: Choose the desired favicon size from the Select Size dropdown menu.
Select Shape: Choose the shape (Square or Circle) from the Select Shape dropdown menu.
Generate Favicon: Click the Generate Favicon button.
Download the Favicon:

After generating the favicon, you will see the generated favicon image displayed.
Click on the Download Favicon link to download the favicon image to your computer.

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