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Image Editor Tool Guide

1. Choose an Image
Select an Image to Edit:

Step 1: Click on the "Choose Image" button.
Step 2: Browse and select an image file from your computer (JPEG, PNG, etc.).
Step 3: The selected image will appear in the preview area.
2. Apply Filters
Adjust Image Filters:

Step 1: Use the buttons under "Filters" to apply effects like brightness, saturation, inversion, or grayscale.
Step 2: Slide the range slider to adjust the intensity of the selected filter.
Step 3: The image preview updates in real-time based on your adjustments.
3. Rotate & Flip
Rotate or Flip the Image:

Step 1: Use the rotation buttons (Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical) to adjust the orientation of the image.
Step 2: Each click rotates the image by 90 degrees or flips it horizontally or vertically.
Step 3: The image preview updates instantly to reflect the changes.
4. Reset Filters
Reset All Filters:

Step 1: Click the "Reset Filters" button to revert all applied filters and rotations.
Step 2: This action restores the image to its original state before any edits were made.
5. Save Edited Image
Download Your Edited Image:

Step 1: After applying desired edits, click the "Save Image" button.
Step 2: Your edited image will be downloaded automatically with the applied filters and transformations.
Experiment with different filter settings and rotations to achieve the desired visual effect.
Ensure your browser supports the necessary features for optimal performance of the Image Editor Tool.

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