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Split PDF

Divide your PDFs effortlessly with our free online PDF splitter. Seamlessly separate documents into smaller files with just a few clicks, all without any cost. Experience the convenience of breaking down your PDFs with ease. Try it now for a hassle-free PDF splitting experience!

Split PDF

How to Use :

Upload PDF File:

Click on the "Choose File" or "Browse" button. This will open a file selection dialog box.
Navigate to the location of the PDF file you want to split on your computer.
Select the PDF file and click "Open" or "Choose" to upload it to the webpage.
Split the PDF:

Once the PDF file is uploaded, click on the "Split PDF" button.
The script will start processing the PDF file and splitting it into individual pages.
Download Split PDFs:

After the splitting process is complete, individual PDF files for each page will be generated.
Each page will be saved as a separate PDF file.
You will see download links for each page.
Click on the download link(s) to save the split PDF files to your computer.
Completion Alert:

Once all pages have been split and downloaded, you will see an alert indicating that the splitting process is completed.
Repeat (Optional):

If you have more PDF files to split, you can repeat the process by uploading another PDF file and clicking the "Split PDF" button again.
That's it! You've successfully split your PDF file into individual pages using the ILovepdf3 Split PDF Tool.

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