Text to Excel Converter

Text to Excel Converter

Convert Text file to excel Tool for converting text input into an Excel spreadsheet format. The interface includes a text area where users can input their text content, followed by a "Convert to Excel" button to initiate the conversion process. Leveraging the XLSX.js library, the JavaScript function parses the text into rows and columns, creates a new Excel workbook, and then appends the parsed data as a worksheet. Finally, the resulting Excel file is generated and made available for download via a dynamically created download link.
Text to Excel Converter
How to use it

Enter Text:

Start by typing or pasting the desired text content into the provided textarea.
Convert to Excel:

After entering the text, click the "Convert to Excel" button. This action triggers the conversion process.
Download Excel File:

Once the conversion is complete, a download prompt will appear for the converted Excel file. Simply click on the prompt to download the file to your device.
View Excel Data:

Open the downloaded Excel file using compatible software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to view the converted text data in spreadsheet format.