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How to Use the Image Resizer and Downloader Tool

1. Upload an Image
Step 1: Click on the "Browse File to Upload" box or drag an image file into the box.
Step 2: Select an image file (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.) from your computer.
Step 3: The selected image will appear in the preview area below.
2. Adjust Image Dimensions (Optional)
Step 1: Enter desired width and height dimensions in pixels.
Step 2: By default, the aspect ratio of the image is locked to maintain proportions. Uncheck "Lock aspect ratio" to independently adjust width and height.
3. Image Quality Adjustment (Optional)
Step 1: Check the "Reduce quality" checkbox to compress the image for smaller file size.
Step 2: Leave unchecked for higher quality (larger file size).
4. Download the Resized Image
Step 1: Click on the "Download Image" button.
Step 2: The resized image will be processed and downloaded to your computer automatically.
5. Additional Tips
Aspect Ratio: Keeping the aspect ratio locked ensures that resizing maintains the image's original proportions.

Quality Adjustment: Lowering quality reduces file size but may decrease image clarity. Choose based on your needs.

Feedback: We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please let us know.

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