Text to Image Generator Free

Text to Image Generator Free

How to Use the Text-to-Image Generator Tool

1. Upload an Image
Upload an Image File:
Click on the "Choose File" button.
Select an image file (PNG or JPEG) from your computer.
Wait for the image to load into the tool.
2. Enter Your Message
Enter Your Message:
In the "Message" box, type the text you want to overlay on the image.
You can also leave it as is (default text: "01") if you prefer.
3. Customize Text Appearance
Adjust Text Color:

Use the color picker next to "Color" to choose a color for the text.
The color preview updates as you select different colors.
Set Transparency (Alpha):

Move the slider next to "Alpha" to adjust the transparency of the text.
Slide left for more transparency, right for less.
Change Font Size:

Adjust the slider next to "Font Size" to increase or decrease the size of the text.
Squish Text (Optional):

Check the box next to "Squish Text" if you want the text to be vertically compressed.
This can make the text fit better on certain images.
4. Preview and Generate Image
View Your Custom Image:
As you make changes, the image preview updates automatically below the settings.
It shows how your text will look overlaid on the uploaded image.
5. Copy or Download Your Image
Copy the Image:

Click on the "Copy Image" button to copy the generated image to your clipboard.
You can then paste it into other applications or documents.
Download the Image:

Click on the "Download Image" button to save the generated image to your computer.
It will download as a PNG file named "text_image.png".
6. Reset to Default
Start Over:
If you want to reset all settings and start again, click the "Reset" button.
This will clear all fields and reload the default settings.