Text to Image Converter

Text to Image Converter

Covert Text to Image tool for converting text input into an image. Users can enter text in the text area, click the "Convert to Image" button to generate the text image on the canvas, and then download the image using the "Download Image" button

Text to Image Converter
How to Use:
Enter Text:

Type or paste the desired text into the textarea provided.
Convert to Image:

After entering the text, click the "Convert to Image" button. This will render the text on the canvas below.
Download Image:

Once the text is displayed on the canvas, click the "Download Image" button to save the text as an image file (PNG format) on your device.
Additional Information:
The text entered in the textarea is wrapped and displayed on the canvas using the wrapText helper function.
The canvas is cleared before rendering new text to avoid overlapping text.
Adjustments to the font style, canvas size, and text wrapping behavior can be made by modifying the JavaScript code accordingly.