SVG to PDF Converter Free

SVG to PDF Converter

SVG to PDF Converter Free

How to Use the SVG to PDF Converter Tool
1. Select Your SVG File
Choose an SVG File:

Click on the "Select an SVG file" button.
A file selection window will open.
Upload Your SVG:

Navigate to where your SVG file is saved on your computer.
Select the SVG file and click "Open" to upload it to the tool.
2. View and Copy SVG Code (Optional)
View SVG Code:

Once the SVG file is uploaded, you will see its code displayed in the "SVG Code" text area.
This text area allows you to view the SVG code that will be used for the PDF conversion.
Copy SVG Code (Optional):

Click the "Copy SVG Code" button to copy the SVG code to your clipboard.
You can paste this code elsewhere for further use or reference.
3. Convert SVG to PDF
Start Conversion:
After uploading the SVG file and optionally copying the SVG code, click the "Convert to PDF" button.
The tool will convert the SVG file into a PDF document.
4. Download the Converted PDF
Download PDF:
Once the conversion is complete, your browser will prompt you to download the converted PDF file.
The file will be named based on the original SVG file name, with a ".pdf" extension.
Tips for Using the Tool
SVG Compatibility:

Ensure your SVG file is correctly formatted and does not contain errors.
Only SVG files with the ".svg" extension and of type 'image/svg+xml' are accepted.
PDF Output Quality:

The PDF will be generated with a default size of 500x500 units as specified in the code.
Adjust the width and height parameters in the document Definition object to change the PDF dimensions if needed.
Clipboard Usage:

Use the "Copy SVG Code" button to quickly copy the SVG code for use in other applications or for debugging purposes.

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