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Convert RAW Image to PDF Guide

Add RAW Image

Click on the "Add RAW image" button to select a RAW image file from your computer.
Only files with the extension ".raw" are accepted.
Once selected, the image preview will appear below.

If needed, click on the "Refresh" button to start over or upload a different RAW image.
This button clears the current selection and resets the interface.
Download PDF

After adding a RAW image, click on the "Download PDF" button to convert and download the image as a PDF file.
The PDF file will be named after the original image file.

Ensure your RAW image is suitable for conversion and meets the format requirements.
Adjustments and processing may take a moment depending on the image size and format.
Tips for Usage

Use this tool to convert RAW images directly into PDF documents for easy sharing and printing.
Make sure your RAW image files are properly selected and displayed before proceeding with the conversion.
Contact support if you encounter any issues or have questions about the conversion process.
Enjoy converting your RAW images into PDF documents quickly and conveniently!

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