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PDF Converter

How to Use the PDF Converter

1. Select an HTML File or Enter Content
Select an HTML File:

Click on the "Select an HTML file to convert" button.
Choose an HTML file from your local storage.
The selected file name will display below the input area.
Or Enter Your Content:

If you prefer to enter your HTML content directly:
Type or paste your HTML content into the text area labeled "Or enter your content".
2. Convert to PDF
Convert to PDF:
After selecting a file or entering content, click the "Convert to PDF" button.
The tool will convert the HTML content or the content of the selected file into a PDF format.
The PDF file will automatically download with a name based on the original file name or as "converted.pdf" if no file is selected.
Additional Notes
File Selection:

Ensure that the selected file is in HTML format (.html extension).
If both a file and content are provided, the tool prioritizes the file for conversion.
PDF Output:

The converted PDF file will download automatically upon conversion completion.
The downloaded file will have the same name as the original file, minus the file extension, followed by ".pdf".
Clearing Input:

To clear the input text area and reset the tool, simply refresh the page or modify the content directly.
Tips for Using the Tool
Supported Formats:

The tool supports conversion of HTML content to PDF using Ilovepdf3 capabilities.
It handles basic HTML structure and styles, converting them into a printable PDF format.

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