PDF Reader with Text-to-Speech

PDF Reader with Text-to-Speech tool for loading and displaying PDF files, as well as speaking the text content of the PDF

PDF Reader with Text-to-Speech

Choose PDF:

Click on the button labeled "Choose File" or "Browse" to select a PDF file from your computer.
Load PDF:

After selecting the PDF file, click the "Load PDF" button to load and display it on the web page.
Speak Text:

Once the PDF is loaded, click the "Speak Text" button to have the text content of the PDF spoken out loud.
Stop Speaking:

If you want to stop the speech synthesis at any time, just click the "Stop" button.
Start Over:

To start over with a new PDF or reset the tool, click the "Refresh" button.
That's it! You can use this tool to quickly listen to the text content of any PDF file without having to read it manually.

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