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Organize PDF Pages

Organize Multi PDF

How to Organize PDF Pages

Step 1: Upload PDF Files

Click on the "Choose File" button to select one or more PDF files from your computer.
You can select multiple PDF files at once by holding down the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) key while clicking on each file.
Step 2: Arrange Pages

Once the PDF files are selected, you'll see them displayed in a grid with each file listed as a draggable item.
Next to each file, there is a dropdown menu that allows you to select the order of pages for that file. Choose the desired order by selecting the page numbers in the dropdown.
Step 3: Rearrange Pages

To rearrange the order of pages, click and drag the PDF file items within the grid. Move them up or down to change their order according to your preference.
Step 4: Organize PDF Pages

After arranging the PDF files and selecting the page orders, click on the "Organize PDF Pages" button.
The tool will organize the pages of the selected PDF files according to your specified order.
Step 5: Download Organized PDF

Once the tool has finished organizing the pages, a "Download Organized PDF" link will appear.
Click on this link to download the newly organized PDF file to your computer.
Tips for Using the Tool:

Ensure all necessary PDF files are uploaded before organizing pages.
Double-check the order of pages in each PDF file to ensure they are arranged correctly.
The tool provides a visual grid layout and drag-and-drop functionality for easy page arrangement.
Additional Information:

This tool uses PDF-Lib to handle PDF manipulation directly in your browser, making it convenient for reordering pages without needing additional software.
It's ideal for tasks such as rearranging document pages, merging PDFs in a specific order, or preparing documents for printing.

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