Edit PDF Metadata Free

Edit PDF Metadata

How to Edit PDF Metadata Free: 

Step 1: Upload Your PDF File

Start by clicking the "Choose File" button. This will open a window where you can select the PDF file you want to edit.
Once you've selected the file from your computer, click "Open" or "Choose" to upload it.
Step 2: Enter Metadata Information

After the PDF file is uploaded, you'll see fields labeled "Title," "Author," "Subject," and "Keywords."
Enter the relevant information in these fields. This metadata helps describe the document's content and make it easier to organize and search.
Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once you've entered all the necessary metadata information, click the "Edit Metadata" button.
The tool will process your changes and update the PDF file with the new metadata.
Depending on your browser settings, you may see a confirmation message or a progress indicator while the changes are applied.
Step 4: Download Your Updated PDF

After the metadata has been updated, you'll be able to download the modified PDF file.
Click the "Download" button to save the updated PDF with the edited metadata to your computer.
Tips for Using the Tool:

Ensure your PDF file is selected before entering metadata. If you need to edit a different file, click "Choose File" again to upload a new one.
Double-check the metadata fields to ensure accuracy. This information helps in categorizing and identifying your PDF documents.
Additional Information:

This tool simplifies the process of managing PDF documents by allowing you to update their metadata directly from your web browser.
Metadata such as title, author, subject, and keywords provide valuable context and make it easier to organize and find documents later.

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