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How to Use the Meme Generator Online

Step 1: Upload an Image
Upload Image: Click on the "Choose File" button labeled "Upload Image".
Select Image: Navigate to and select the image file (JPEG, PNG, etc.) you want to use for your meme.
Open Image: Click "Open" to upload the selected image.
Step 2: Enter Top and Bottom Text
Top Text: Enter the text you want to appear at the top of your meme in the "Top Text" input field.
Bottom Text: Enter the text you want to appear at the bottom of your meme in the "Bottom Text" input field.
Step 3: Customize Font Size and Color (Optional)
Font Size: Adjust the font size using the "Font Size" input field. The default size is 24 pixels.
Font Color: Choose a font color by clicking on the color picker input labeled "Font Color".
Step 4: Generate Your Meme
Generate Meme: Click on the "Generate Meme" button to create your meme.
Preview: Your meme will appear in the preview area below the inputs, with the text overlaid on the uploaded image.
Step 5: Download Your Meme
Download: Once you are satisfied with your meme, click the "Download Meme" button.
Save: Your meme will be saved as a PNG image file named "meme.png".
Tips for Using the Tool
Image Requirements: Ensure your uploaded image is clear and suitable for meme creation.
Text Alignment: The tool automatically centers the text horizontally on the image.
Preview: Preview your meme before downloading to ensure it looks as desired.
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