Grayscale Image Converter

Grayscale Image Converter, Convert your images to black and white with our online tool. Upload a photo, see the black and white preview, and download it instantly. Simple, fast, and efficient image conversion for all your needs

(灰度图像转换器) (Конвертер изображений в оттенках серого)

How to Use it :

Open the Web Page: Navigate to the I love pdf 3 where this tool is hosted using your web browser.

Upload an Image:

Click the "Choose File" button to open a file selector dialog.
Select the image file you want to upload (it can be any standard image format like JPEG, PNG, etc.).
The selected image will be displayed on the canvas labeled "originalImage".
Convert to Black and White:

Click the "Convert" button.
The image will be processed and converted to black and white.
The converted image will be displayed on the canvas labeled "convertedImage".
Download the Converted Image:

Click the "Download" button.
The converted black and white image will be downloaded to your device as a file named "blackAndWhiteImage.jpg".

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