Google Sheets to PDF

Google Sheets to PDF Converter

Input Google Spreadsheet URL:

Enter the URL of the Google Spreadsheet you wish to convert to PDF.
You can enter the URL into the text input field provided.

Convert to PDF:

Upon clicking the "Convert to PDF" button, the convertToPDF() function is triggered.

The function first checks if the input field contains a valid URL. If it's empty or invalid, an alert message is displayed prompting the user to enter a valid URL.
Extract Spreadsheet ID:

If a valid URL is provided, the code extracts the unique ID of the Google Spreadsheet from the URL using the extractSpreadsheetId() function.
This function uses a regular expression to match and extract the ID from the URL.
Generate PDF URL:

Once the spreadsheet ID is extracted, the code constructs the URL for exporting the Google Spreadsheet to PDF format.

Open PDF in New Tab

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