GIF to PDF Converter

GIF to PDF Converter Enables users to upload a GIF image file, preview it, and then convert it to a PDF document. Upon selecting a GIF image file, the script previews the image and enables a “Download PDF” button. Clicking this button triggers the conversion process, where the GIF image is added to a PDF document and then downloaded.

Image to PDF Converter
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(GIF to PDF Converter)(Конвертер GIF в PDF)(GIF 到 PDF 转换器)

How to Use it :

Access the Web Page: Open your web browser and navigate to the I love pdf 3 where this tool is hosted.

Upload GIF Image: Click on the text "Upload a GIF image" or the upload icon to select a GIF image file from your device.

Preview Image: Once you've selected a GIF image file, the script will display a preview of the image below the upload area.

Download PDF: After the preview is displayed, the "Download PDF" button will become visible. Click this button to initiate the conversion process.

Save PDF: Once you've clicked the "Download PDF" button, the GIF image will be converted to a PDF document. Your browser will prompt you to save the PDF file to your device.

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