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Image Compressor – Compress Image For Free.

Original Image Size:

Compressed Image Size:

Image Size Compressor

How to Use :

Input Image Selection:

The user can select an image file by clicking the "Choose File" button.
Once an image is selected, its preview is displayed on the canvas.
Compression Quality Adjustment:

The user can adjust the compression quality using a range input slider. The quality value ranges from 1 to 100, where 1 represents the lowest quality and 100 represents the highest quality.
Image Compression:

Upon clicking the "Compress Image" button, the selected image is compressed based on the specified quality and other options.
The compressed image's size is displayed below the canvas.
Download Options:

After compression, the user can choose to download the compressed image in different formats (PNG, JPG, or WebP) by clicking the respective buttons.
Depending on the selected format, the image file will be downloaded with the appropriate file extension.


If needed, the user can reset the tool by clicking the "Reset" button. This clears the canvas, resets the file input field, and removes any compressed image data.

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